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OneTractor-PX2S DO's & DONT's

During driving, please obey state regulations on traffic safety and traffic management. The car shall be driven only after inspection. The car is merely allowed to drive in a non-traffic field and shall not be driven on the highway.

Before starting the engine, the car shall be thoroughly checked to avoid accident or damage of components.

The car shall be driven in accordance with state and local regulations on traffic safety and traffic management.

During driving, do not wear clothes with loose sleeves or bottoms.

The speed shall be strictly controlled depending on road conditions, since many accidents happen due to over-speed

During driving, tightly hold the steering handle to control the driving direction.

Modification of cars shall not be allowed.

.After starting the engine, the throttle may be properly widened to increase engine speed. After sufficient heating of the engine, the choke handle shall be pushed back to the original position.
In cold climates, the engine shall idle run for several minutes and then be accelerated after reaching the operation temperature. .In extremely hot climates, the engine shall not idle run for a prolonged period, and otherwise, overheating of the engine would occur.

Updated on: 29/10/2021

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