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How to Diagnose a Faulty Pedal Switch

The most common symptoms of a faulty pedal switch are:

Vehicle turns on but does not move
Vehicle drives but cuts out intermittently
Works with remote but not with pedal
The vehicle is turning on with full voltage but not driving
Vehicle drives as soon as it's turned on without pressing the pedal or remote

Below are a few ways you can troubleshoot a faulty pedal switch

Test the Ride On with the parental remote control, if it works with the remote, the pedal switch in the vehicle is most likely faulty.
If possible please make sure you have the child sitting on the ride on when doing the test as we want to replicate normal driving conditions and eliminate other issues. This applies to troubleshooting via parental remote.
Another method of testing the pedal switch -which is more advanced and should only be carried out by those that are comfortable and have experience with wiring- is by removing the pedal from the car, removing the wires from the pedal housing and touching the two wires together, if this turns the motors then the Pedal switch is faulty. We'd advise removing the rear wheels when running this test, doing so will be safer due to the fact the vehicle is sat stationary.

Here's a quick video showing you how to replace a faulty Pedal Switch

Updated on: 12/04/2021

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