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Below is a list of important points you should be aware of not to do with the model in your presence.

Do not touch the brakes or engine when the ATV is in use as they can become very hot.
This vehicle should use a mixture of the unleaded gasoline and the two cycle engine oil. The volume ratio is 25:1. Do not use any degraded fuel (which smells sour) or fuel of the wrong mixture ratio. It will cause a poor start, insufficient output or damage the engine.
Do not use 4 cycle engine oil. (Otherwise, it causes the plug to be degraded, the piston ring to seize or the muffler to be clogged)
Do not run the engine in a room or poor ventilated area. (the exhaust gas includes odorless but hazardous carbon monoxide.)
Do not put your fingers and other body parts near to the drive chain, steering system, wheels and all other moving components.
Do not store, spill or use any gasoline near afire, stove, oven, boiler or other instruments which use a pilot light or spark. (Otherwise, it may cause an explosion. )
Smoking is strictly prohibited while refilling the fuel
While the engine is running or while it remains hot soon after stopping, do not remove the lid of the fuel tank or refill the fuel. (Before o refilling the fuel, stop the engine and cool it down for 2 minutes or more.)
If any gasoline is spilt or smelled or any danger of explosion felt, do not run the engine.
Do not ride at night or when visibility is limited.
Never carry passengers or allow more than one person at a time to ride the mini ATV
Do not check any spark while keeping the spark plug removed.
Do not run the engine with the muffler or air cleaner cover removed.
Do not touch any hot muffler or engine part. (Otherwise, it may cause a burn.)
When the engine runs, do not touch any spark plug cap or high tension cord. (Otherwise, it may cause an electric shock and harm your body.)
Never hitch a ride with another vehicle.
Do not ride on rainy, snowy days, slippery surfaces, or unstable due to gravel, sand etc.
Never use alcohol or drugs before or while operating.
Do not ride if you weigh over 155lbs/70KG.
Your insurance policy may not provide coverage for accidents involving the use of this vehicle. Consulting your insurance agent before using this vehicle.

Updated on: 10/03/2022

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