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My Car is Driving automatically ?

If you are finding the car is automatically driving forward the issue would usually lie with the Pedal itself.

If the Pedal has jammed so it's constantly in a down position then you would need to turn the car off and attempt to pull the Pedal Cover back out to it's original position.

The Pedal Switch may also be the cause of the issue which is located just underneath the Pedal itself. The Pedal Switch is located under the Pedal Cover and are the 2 components of the Pedal.

To remove a Pedal Cover will depend on which type of model you have however there is only 2 possibilities.

The first one being your Pedal will have screws in underneath it securing it. If it does simply remove the screws and the Pedal Cover will release.

The second one being your Pedal is a clip in. If the Pedal is just clipped in you can pop a flat head screwdriver in the corner of the grooves and gently remove this.

Below is a video showing you how to do this, once removed you can contact customer service with an image of the Pedal Switch and they will be able to supply a replacement for you.

If you are not comfortable doing this, you may request a repair if you are still covered under warranty.

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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