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110CC Petrol ride on's START UP - 4 STROKE

Before you first start the quad please check that the battery is fully connected and charged

Check the fuel line and make sure it is not bent or damaged

Check the level of oil in the engine (comes with oil please do check prior first use)

Please ensure the kill switch is in place

Once you are done, pre-check the tank and fill it

Please fuel up 1 litre (NOT E10 SUITABLE)

Please ensure the tank tap is securely on.

Open the fuel tap and switch the red switch the on position and turn the key on

Make sure the quad is in the Neutral Gear position

Push the choke all the way forward and hold it in position

Then press the front brake lever

Press the start button or pull the cord (depending on your model) whilst gently pressing your thumb on the throttle whilst starting.

When the quad starts, bring the choke slowly all the way back (you may need to hold this in position for a few moments while the engine gets warm).

Warm up the engine for a couple of minutes on low revs.

When the engine is warm you do not need to use a choke to start it.

Updated on: 29/10/2021

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