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What sort of maintenance is needed with Ride on Car’s/Motorbike’s?

For optimal performance and safety, regular maintenance is essential for our ride-on toys. Here's a summary of key points:

Inspect charging cable and brick for damage.
Check batteries, cables, and clips for wear and security.
Examine charging port and plastic for any damage or cracks.
Lubricate moving parts with lightweight oil.
Use a tarp to protect from water when storing outside.
Charge the battery after each use, supervised by an adult.
Recharge the battery monthly when not in use.
Clean with a soft, dry cloth and use non-wax furniture polish for plastic shine.
Ensure the toy is switched off when not in use.
Avoid driving on loose dirt, sand, or gravel.
Keep away from heat sources to prevent melting.
Avoid driving in rainy or snowy weather.
Do not wash with soap, water, or hose.

For further assistance, contact our support team. Check out our maintenance guide video for more details: RiiRoo Help - What Sort Of Maintenance Is Needed With Ride On Car’s/Motorbike’s?

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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