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Pedal Go Karts - AXLE ISSUES

If you are having an issue with an Axle on your Pedal Go Kart, this may need sent in for a service or repair depending on the issue.

If the issue is that the Axle has de-welded in any shape or form, we will need to arrange a repair or replacement axle for you.

Please request either or via the Contact Form

If the Axle has bent on any side this can be resolved at home ! Put the Go Kart on an elevated surface where the wheels can hang off the side and bend the impacted side back into place - THIS IS BEST TO DO WITH SOMEONE SUPPORTING THE OTHER SIDE and gradually increase pressure rather then going full force to know the limits of your Kart.

If a bolt or nut has come out of place, you can request a replacement from us, we may need to know the size of the bolt or nut if this can be quoted, if not send us an image of where it goes through and we'll ensure to get the correct one for you.

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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