ATTENTION: Always check each item in the below list prior to operating your item.


Check operation, free play. Check the combination of the brake lever, brake cable and pad.
If the brake pad is becoming worn, please replace it with a new one before use of the vehicle.

Parking Brake

Check operation, condition and cable free play

Fuel Tank

Check fuel level.
Fill with fuel if necessary
Fuel tank capacity: Total: 3.5 L

Engine oil

Check oil level
Fill with oil if necessary
The engine has been designed to use regular gasoline with RON of 90 or higher.


Check for proper throttle cable operation

Wheels and tires

Check tire pressure, wear and damage.
Front and rear tires size - 145/70-6
Recommended tire pressure: Front 0.6-0.7 kgf/cm2 and Rear 0.7 kgf/cm2
Tire pressures must be equal on both sides.

Fittings and fasteners
Check all fittings and fasteners.


Check for proper operation if the lights have been installed.


Check fluid level.
Fill with distilled water if necessary.


Vehicle loading limit (total weight of cargo, rider and accessories, and tongue weight): 95kg (198 lbs.).
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