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OneQuad-EX1S Assembly + Set up


Remove contents from the box. Remove the foam separators that protect the components from damage during shipping. Inspect the contents of the box for scratches in the paint, dents or kinked cables that may occur during shipping.

Estimated Assembly and Set-Up Time

We recommend assembly by an adult with experience in motorbike or bicycle mechanics. Allow up to 30-40 minutes for assembly, not including initial charge time.
Allow up to 12 hours for initial charge.

Required Tools

Some tools may be supplied; however, we recommend the use of mechanic’s grade tools. Use the supplied tools only as a last resort. The list of tool required is as follows

Open end wrench 10mm / 13mm/ 17mm / 22mm
Allen wrench 5mm / 6mm/ 8mm
Bicycle style tire pump with pressure gauge

Updated on: 05/11/2021

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