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OneMonkey - EX1S Maintenance


You MUST charge completely prior to initial use. (Follow charging instructions in your Product Handbook)
Charge immediately after each use.
Charge before storage. You must charge every 30 days if not in use.
Charge the unit for 12 hours or until the light on the charger turns green.
DO NOT allow this unit to deep discharge the battery.
For safety purposes, DO NOT charge for over 24 hours.
Turn the unit OFF when not in use

Safety is our number one priority.

Any rider under the age of 8 should not ride this mini bike.
The age of 8 is only an estimate that can depend on height, weight and riding ability.
Do not operate this vehicle on public roads or any location where there is vehicle traffic.
Parental supervision required at all times during riding.
This is designed for off road use only.
Keep both hands on the handlebar
Keep fingers and other body parts away from moving parts like the drive chain and sprocket.
Always wear a helmet, gloves and knee pads whilst riding

Updated on: 04/11/2021

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