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OneKart-PX3S Safety notices

This Go Kart should only be assembled by someone who has the knowledge, ability and skills to read and understand mechanical instructions.

Use caution when providing maintenance on this Go Kart. Make sure the engine is turned off and all components are cool. Never attempt to make any adjustments while the engine is running.

Do not modify this Go Kart in any way, modifications could make the Go-Kart unsafe and/or in violation of Federal and State laws.

This Go Kart is recommended for riders 13 and older.

Always wear a certified DOT motorcycle or ATV helmet that fits properly.

This Go Kart is designed for one operator and no passengers.

Always wear a seat belt provided. Make sure seat belts fit properly before starting the Go Kart.

Never operate this Go Kart on paved surfaces and/or public roads. Pavement may cause the Go Kart to become unstable.

The head bar in back of the operator is not intended to provide rollover protection. Before each use, make sure all tubes are securely in place and bolts are tight.

Never operate Go Kart with long hair, loose jewellery or loose clothing that could get caught in moving parts.

Always go slow on unfamiliar terrain. Be alert to changing terrain conditions when operating the Go Kart.

Never take drugs or alcohol before or during operation of this Go Kart.

Never attempt jumps or any other type of stunts while operating this Go Kart.

Always follow the Pre-ride inspection procedures and maintenance procedures located in this manual before use.

Always go slow on terrain that is not familiar, be alert, an obstacle could come up unexpectedly.

Always keep hands, arms, legs and feet inside the Go Kart at all times.

Never operate Go Kart in water that is deeper than 2 inches. Do not operate in fast flowing water. Water can affect braking performance of the Go Kart. Check braking performance after exposure to water, it may be necessary to apply the brakes allowing friction to dry out the pads.

Do not attempt to fill the Go-kart with gasoline while the engine is running or the engine is hot.

Never start or run the Go Kart in an enclosed environment where there is no ventilation. Always start and run outdoors.

Updated on: 29/10/2021

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