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OneKart-PX3S Operating the go kart

To start the engine

Place the fuel valve (1) in the “ON '' (vertical) position.
If the engine is cold, place the choke lever (2) in the “ON” (right) position.
Place the ON/OFF switch (3), located on the Steering column, in the “ON” position.
Pull the starter recoil cord (4) to start the engine.
Once the engine has warmed up for a few minutes, place the choke lever (2) back to the “OFF” (left) position.

* Never start or run the Go Kart in an enclosed environment where there is no ventilation. Always start and run outdoors.
* Never exceed the maximum load capability of the Go Kart. This includes the weight of the operator and any cargo. This Go Kart is rated at 150 lbs. (68kg)..

Updated on: 10/03/2022

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