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OneJeep- PX15 Pre-ride Checklist

If the Pre-ride Inspection is not performed, severe injury to personnel or damage to equipment may occur. Inspect your atv every day before you ride it. The item listed here will only take a few minutes to inspect, and in the long run they can save time, expense, and you life.

Engine oil level-add engine oil if required. Check for leads.

Fuel level-fill fuel tank when necessary. Check for leaks.

Front and rear brakes-check operation and if necessary, adjust free play.

Tyres-check condition and pressure.

Throttle operation-check for smooth opening and full closing in all steering positions; check for throttle grip free play and throttle cable in lubricating and connecting.

Fastener-check that all nuts screw and bolts are fixed securely.

Steering system-check for its smoothness and reliability.

Correct any discrepancy before you ride.

Contact your dealer for assistance if you cannot correct the problem.


Always follow the proper starting procedure described below.

Insert the ignition key into the ignition switch and turn to (ON).
Set the emergency switch to “ON”.
Depress the starter button while rotating the throttle grip slightly to start the engine. Release the starter button once the engine starts

Do not use the electric starter for more than 5seconds at a time. Release the starter button for approximately 10 seconds before pressing it again.
When starting and warming up the engine, make sure to maintain the throttle slightly open.
Before riding the vehicle, make sure that the engine is well warmed up.


Opening or closing the throttle fully and rapidly may make the vehicle’s sudden moving forwards, resulting in out of control.

Updated on: 04/11/2021

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