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OneBike-EX1S- 12inch & 16 inch Guide

Children are required to use the bike under the supervision of parents or adults.


You MUST charge completely prior to initial use. (Follow charging instructions in your Product Handbook)
Charge immediately after each use.
Charge before storage. You must charge every 30 days if not in use.
Charge the unit for 8-10 hours or until the light on the charger turns green.
DO NOT allow this unit to deep discharge the battery.
For safety purposes, DO NOT charge for over 24 hours.
Turn the unit OFF when not in use


Please wear personal protective equipment, like helmet, protective glass, sneaker, glove, elbow pad, knee pad etc.
The bike should be parked in a dry and ventilated place.
Do not rinse the bike with water. It is recommended to wipe it with a cloth.
Please comply with local laws or regulations: Please slow down and increase the braking distance on rainy/snowy days or slippery roads, to ensure safety.
Non-professional maintenance persons are prohibited from disassembling and replacing parts.
Please inspect and sure all screws are tight before riding
When the bike is with electricity but cannot drive, please turn off the power in time in case of electric components damage.
Please turn off the power when you get down from the bike or you are pushing it, in case that when riders push the throttle unintentionally, the bike starts suddenly and gets hurt.
Please clean the bike regularly, to ensure the safety riding of children and also to keep the bike in the best state
Please always check the performance of the brakes and ensure it's good. Attention: please increase the braking distance on rainy, snowy days or downhill riding.
After each ride,. please charge the battery to keep it in the best condition.
The front and rear wheels should adjust the lock nut regularly to prevent the wheels from locking or wobbling.


The bike is forbidden to do stunt riding.
The controller is equipped with an overload protection function. It will cut off the power automatically once overloaded. And when the power turns to normal, the power will turn on
Never operate the bike if the side cover and chain cover are not installed. Do not allow hands, feet, body, clothing or other similar items to come into contact with any rotating or moving parts.
Do not drain the battery completely every time. When the speed is slow, please charge the battery when the display shows red light, which can increase the cycle life of the battery

Updated on: 29/10/2021

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