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My Quad turns on but does not drive

If the Quad turns on but does not move there are a few potential things that could be causing this.

Firstly, check everything is connected in terms of motors and control board as if there is a loose wire or something is disconnected there will be no power.

If everything is connected there will be a component that needs replaced. This component could be your Pedal Switch, Battery or Motor.

If your Quad bike has a music player unit you can read the voltage on there to see if the battery is depleted. For example if you have a 12 motorbike and see the voltage is 9 or lower and won't charge back up then it will be the battery does not have enough volts left in it to drive the Motorbike.

The Pedal switch can be checked via accessing the switch underneath the Pedal. The Pedal has 2 wires that you can disconnect and touch together, if the item does drive when touching the wires together then the Pedal will need replaced.

To test the motors you can test them individually, if you have a Quad you will either have 2 or 4 motors. If you disconnect all bar 1 and see if it drives, whichever one it does not drive on will be the faulty motor.

Once you have located the correct part you can get this ordered in via our contact form on the website

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Updated on: 16/11/2023

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