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My bike drives in wrong direction

If your bike is going in the wrong direction it means that either the motor the gearstick/switch has been plugged in the wrong way around

Now you can amend this by swapping either the wires around on the switch or the motor, in truth it will not really matter which one you change as if it is a case that the motor was plugged in wrong and you changed the gearstick/switch it would still end up going the correct way around as you changed the direction

To change the wires around all you will need to do is remove the gearstick with a Phillip's screwdriver and swap the 2 wires around.

If you have a switch you will need to use a thin flat head to unscrew the switch.

If you would like to change it on the motor we have a video on how to do this -

However we would recommend changing it from the gearstick or switch as on motorbikes the motor is usually closed off in the body.

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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