You have a variety of ways to order with us with, however, the prefered method for our customers seems to be our beautiful online store. If you’d rather order by speaking to a human, we also can take orders over the phone!

Having trouble ordering online and need someone to guide you through it? Call our team on 015 3626 8088 and we will help you place online orders in less than 5 minutes!

We have tried to make the order process as intuitive and efficient as possible. Below we will detail the entire order process with us.

|| Locate the product - Either via the menu system or search

Menu Shop

Search Shop

Choose your colour

Select Colour

Add your personalised number plate name to the order

Choose Number Plate
Choose your preferred number plate design

Choose Number Plate Design
Send the order to your cart by clicking the green add to cart button

Add to Cart
If you would like to view your chosen options for the order click the view cart button, alternatively, if you are ready to proceed with the purchase, click the green Checkout button

If you've chosen to view you cart, here you will see your expected delivery date, as well as the personalisation options.
If you are happy to proceed with the purchase at this point, click the checkout button.
Checkout - The checkout is divided into 3 easy steps:
1) Basic information: email, phone, address, phone number.

Checkout Step 1
2) Delivery Options: Choose your delivery option.

Checkout Step 2
3) Payment: Pay by Credit/Debit Card or choose to pay with your PayPal account (PayPal credit will be offered if enabled on your account)
Checkout Step 3
Finally, if all went well with the payment, you will be taken to the Thank you page where you can view the order status as well as your order details.

Checkout Complete
That is the entire process from start to finish.
If you are having trouble placing an order with us and need someone to guide you through it, call our team on 015 3626 8088.
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