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What is your warranty policy?

We aim to make the entire warranty process clear, concise and as efficient as we can make it. If you would like to arrange a return under warranty or you are unsure if your product is covered under our warranty terms, please contact our customer service team at where they will endeavour to quickly resolve your issue/s. They do this by asking a few questions to determine eligibility as well as the difficulty in repair.

Most warranty claims are resolved by sending parts out, however, some do require that you send your item back to us for repair. Please refer to our returns & refunds page for more details on the procedure we employ for returns and repairs. *It is important to stress that our warranty on its outset covers parts & labour, where we first attempt to resolve the fault by sending parts out and if unsuccessful we will then arrange a return for repair depending on the circumstances your location.

Our warranty kicks in 14 days after the date of purchase and generally covers manufacturing defects for 6 Months.

The warranty excludes parts which are classed as consumables as well as faults which are caused by misuse.

The following is a shortlist of parts which are excluded from our standard warranty terms but not limited to:

Wheels & Tires.
Materials including seats and handlebars.
Lights & Bulbs.
USB Ports & Aux-In Ports.
Here is a list of parts which are covered under the standard warranty terms:

Parental Remote Controls.
Speed Controllers/Motherboards.
To make things simple, here is a list of product categories, along with their warranty timeframes.

Electric Ride-On’s

6-Month Manufacturer Defect Warranty

Parental Remotes
Speed Controllers/Motherboards
30 Day Manufacturer Defect Warranty

Wheels & Tires
Materials including seats and handlebars
Lights & Bulbs
USB Ports & Aux-In Ports
Petrol Ride-On’s

30 Days Manufacturer Defect Warranty.

The petrol range is only covered for 30 days due to the high chance of customer misuse or incorrect assembly. We can only provide parts for these products or repair at cost. These lines of products are excluded from our standard warranty terms as well as our return for refund policy. Your statutory rights are not affected.
Scooters, Trikes, Pedal Go Karts & Other Human Powered Products.

6-Month Manufacturer Defect Warranty applies to the frame only and excludes misuse.

30 Day Manufacturer Defect Warranty applies to all other parts of the above category of products.

It is important to stress that our warranty terms do not cover misuse, incorrect assembly, deliberate damage or any other issue which is not classified as a manufacturing defect.

Example 1: Ride-On’s which have been stored in cold and damp environments lead to catastrophic electrical damage therefore the standard warranty terms do not apply.

Example 2: Ride-On’s which have been used over the specified weight limit cause irreversible damage to the motors as well as the speed controller/motherboards therefore the standard warranty terms do not apply.

Full Warranty information can be found here -

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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