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What is the difference between 24v and 24v Parallel

The difference between 24v and 24v Parallel is the power + run time.

Whilst 24v standard is more powerful and will have a faster speed the advantages of the Parallel is it will have a longer run time.

When batteries are wired in Parallel the AH will carry over from both batteries. For example if you have 2 x 12v7ah batteries you would have 14aH in total.

Where as singular 24v batteries or 2 x 12v batteries wired in series carries over the volts instead so it would be a true 24v.

24V Parallels are still more powerful then a standard 12v.

So the best decision would be are you looking for more speed or a longer run time ?

You can filter on the website between the 2

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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