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What is the difference between 24v and 24v Parallel

The distinction between 24v and 24v Parallel lies in the power and runtime characteristics.

While the standard 24v configuration offers increased power and higher speed, the parallel setup provides an extended runtime.

In a parallel wiring arrangement, the Ampere-Hour (AH) capacity accumulates from both batteries. For instance, if equipped with 2 x 12v7ah batteries, the total AH capacity would be 14aH.

On the other hand, a singular 24v battery or two 12v batteries wired in series retains the cumulative voltage, resulting in a true 24v configuration.

It is noteworthy that 24V Parallel setups still deliver greater power than standard 12v configurations.

When deciding between the two, consider whether your preference is for higher speed or an extended runtime.

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Updated on: 15/11/2023

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