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I have received my ride on with blemishes, why is this?

All ride-on cars and motorbikes are manufactured with bodies that are fabricated without post-processing.
As a result, imperfections and blemishes on the body and windscreen are unavoidable.

To help keep the costs down, the manufacturing process favours
speed. If the body of the vehicle were to go through a polishing process after
fabrication, the prices would make these ride-on toys unattainable by most :(.

In the interest of hiding some of these blemishes and imperfections, some car models have a
layer of paint added to them; however, even with this, because the body is not
polished, the flaws sometimes come through the paint-work too.

It is important to note that this issue is not unique and is common
in many industries where plastic is fabricated without any post-processing.

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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