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My car turns on but does not drive

If the car turns on but does not move there are a few potential things that could be causing this.

Firstly, check everything is connected in terms of motors and control board as if there is a loose wire or something is disconnected there will be no power.

If everything is connected there will be a component that needs replaced. First thing to check is if the item drives with the remote, if it does then this means you will need a replacement Pedal Switch.
* If the remote does not work then it will be the control board. However if it does not work with both the remote + the pedal it could lie with the battery or the control board.
* The battery you can simply check the voltage on the media display and see what the numbers are like. If you have a 12v model and this is 10 or lower then you will know the battery is too low on voltage.
* You can also see if you attempt to accelerate and the numbers start to fluctuate this is the battery. If the numbers are at the correct reading for the voltage then you will need a new motherboard.

Once you have found which part it is you can request for this to be sent out ASAP via our contact form - Contact Form

Updated on: 29/07/2022

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