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49cc 2 stroke First time start up - ONEQUAD/ATV PX1/2S

Prepare the pre-mixed fuel with 2 stroke oil in a ratio 25-1 (please refer to your manual as may vary)

Shake the bottle around to ensure the mix is mixed together correctly and then put about 200ml in the tank.

Screw the fuel cap back on the tank

Ensure the kill switch is in position

Turn the quad into the on position and put key into ignition

Open the petrol tap (the white switch on the carburettor) turn it into a vertical position

Pull the choke in the up position (the choke is located next to the petrol tap)

Place your left hand on the thumb throttle and pull gently a few times (push the throttle a little whilst pulling) and the quad will start.

When the quad starts push the choke into the down position.

Lift the back wheels and warm the engine.

In colder weather please leave running for a few minutes before using.

Before using you will need to adjust the speed restrictor to be as low as possible

You will locate the speed restrictor on the left hand side of the carburettor, turn that screw in the left direction for lowering the speed and right for increasing the speed (this can be done with a flat head screwdriver).

On most new engines the speed will be set to high and if this is not adjusted before using it can burn out the clutch very quickly.

Once the above have been followed your quad is ready to ride.

Updated on: 29/10/2021

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